Board of Recommendations

1. Ir R.P. Van Wingerden MBA 2. B.J. Marttin MBA
CEO Member of the Managing Board
Koninklijke BAM groep Rabobank
3. G.F.M. Swinkels 4. Dr. Ir. J.L.M. Fischer
Chief Commercial Officer Member of the board en former CEO
Royal Swinkels Family Brewers Tata Steel Europe
5. Prof. Dr. Soete 6. Drs. H.A.A. Rademaker RBA
  Rector Magnificus   Chief Fiduciary Officer
Maastricht University APG Asset Management
7. Dr. P.A.M. Berdowski 8. Alexander Wessels
  CEO   Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Royal Boskalis Westminster Archroma
9. Drs. P. Nientker, MBA 10. Ir. J.J. de Jong
  Chairman   President
Electude International B.V. Philips Nederland
11. Drs. J.F.M.A. De Beer 12. Prof. P.L.H. van den Bossche
  Vice President, DSM Nederland B.V.   Director of Studies
Managing Director, DSM Land & Housing World Trade Institute
13. Mr. Drs. B.J. Koopman 14. Drs. A.S. Castelein
  Director   CEO
Evofenedex Port of Rotterdam
15. J.F.M.L. van Boxmeer 16. Ir. J.M.W.E. van Loon
  Chairman Executive Board / CEO   President Director
Heineken N.V. Shell Nederland B.V.
17. Drs. D.A. Benschop 18. Prof. Dr. R.J.M. Dassen RA
  President, Royal Schiphol Group   Executive Vice President & CFO
Vicepresident, Shell International   ASML Holding N.V.
19. A.M.C. Heijl 20. Drs. T.J.F.M. Bovens
  Deputy director international affairs   King’s commissioner
  VNO-NCW and MKB nederland   Province of Limburg
21. Herman Ermens
President FrieslandCampina Ingredients

Board of Advisors

1. Prof. Dr. M. Paul 2. J.C. Verbree
President Manager
Maastricht University Holland House Mexico
3. A.J.C. Assink 4. W.A.J. van Wijngaarden
Secretary Operations Manager
Export Sociëteit Limburg Royal Boskalis Westminister N.V.
5. G. van der Zwet 6. P.E. Hordijk
  General Manager – Commerce   International Business Manager
iPS Powerful People NLinBusiness
7. D. Colomé 8. R. Bertram
  Head Economic Affairs and Trade Promotion   General Manager
Embassy of Mexico in the Netherlands Taproom S.A. de C.V.
9. F. Janssen 10. A. De Kerpel
  Managing Director   Senior Advisor Economic Affairs
E&M ExportManagement B.V. Embassy of the Netherlands in Mexico
11. R.M. Buitelaar 12. Drs. M.C. Wanders
  President   Partner
Nederlandse Vereniging Mexico Eden McCallum LLP
13. S. Schuite 14. D. Cano Congost
  Head of New Business Roll Out   VP Strategy and Commercial head Pharma Latam
15. Danielle van der Kwartel
I Sell Mexico

Letters of Recommendation

“On behalf of the Maastricht University and with pleasure I wholeheartedly support the students who participate in Research Project Maastricht 2020-2021. The project testifies to the truly international orientation of our university, and our students. In addition, the company-specific research that the Research Project Maastricht will be conducting in Mexico is a good example of our worldwide efforts to close the gap between research and business. Both aspects fill me with great pride.”

Prof. dr. M. Paul, President, Maastricht University


“On behalf of Tata Steel in Europe, I would like to recommend the work of the students of Research Project Maastricht, who conducted research for us in India during 2018. The assignment given was to identify the stakeholders, volume potential and possible partners for our concept to develop mobile canning facilities to tackle food waste. Throughout the entire project, RPM demonstrated their ability to work in a professional way, they were attentive to the original brief, showed eagerness to deliver good results and were flexible adapting to changing circumstances. The final presentation of the results, both in writing and as a presentation to Tata Steel was above expectations. Thank you RPM for your cooperation and the hard work you have done!”
S. Vooijs, Director Operations Packaging, Tata Steel Europe


“Research Project Maastricht investigated and explored the Brazilian gymnastic equipment market in order to reveal Janssen-Fritsen’s opportunities to become the main supplier of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. We were impressed by the thorough research that was conducted and the professional way the results were communicated and presented. During the whole period of research, the team proved to be well prepared and dedicated. We have used the recommendations of Research Project Maastricht in order to position ourselves on the Brazilian market and we definitely recommend services.”
Drs. J.M. Janssen, Former Chief Executive Officer, JF Group B.V.


“In 2013 an enthusiast group of RPM students conducted a study to investigate the mining market in Brazil for Boskalis International. Starting with a detailed desktop study the subject was narrowed down to ensure the in country follow up was spend prudently on high potentials. Following the study a hands on report was written producing some interesting results. Boskalis International was pleased with the professional and detailed approach of RPM2013 and would recommend others to utilise their services.”
B. Scheiberlich, Owner Dredging Work, Former Commercial Manager Earthmoving and Mining, Boskalis


“Simac Masic worked with Research Project Maastricht (RPM) in our search for a suitable agent in China. RPM executed research for Simac in Beijing and Shanghai from February until March 2019. During their research, RPM visited several pharmaceutical material manufacturers, agencies and other industry-related businesses.  The approach of RPM and their team was pleasantly professional. Communication and reporting were clear and practical. The achieved results were a better understanding of the market in China, new local contacts, valuable recommendations and a possible new agent for us. We would not have been able to achieve this, with the same effectiveness and efficiency, without the work of RPM. Based on our experience we like to recommend Research Project Maastricht to other parties.”

I. de Rooij, Managing Director, Simac Masic bv


“ANDEROL BV, a global producer and marketer of specialty lubricants for industry and food grade applications, has sponsored a team of students from Research Project Maastricht 2019 (RPM) to conduct a market study in China. China is emerging as a potential growth area for lubricants, with untapped opportunities particularly in and around Shanghai. To date, demand for synthetic lubricants has remained unappreciated in China, so there was an opportunity to better understand the procurement decisions and identify potential growth opportunities. The RPM team has shown great perseverance in arranging meetings with OEMs, even when communication was solely possible through translation apps on mobile devices. The hard work has resulted in some very useful findings, clear recommendations for future business development opportunities in the region and even appointments with decision makers which we followed up on a business trip to China. Thank you RPM for the great work and enthusiasm!”

T. Kleinschmidt, Business Director, ANDEROL BV