Research Project Maastricht has been, and will continue to be, vigilantly monitoring the potential impact of Covid-19 on our daily operations. We continue to closely monitor the situation in Mexico and provide updated information and guidance as needed.

The number of documented cases of Covid-19 keep rising in Mexico and local authorities have previously said they believe the real number of infections is likely to be significantly higher than those reported. Because of the rising number of cases, the country has been in a general lockdown till January 10th. The government’s medical safety commission has recently approved the use of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, following approval by Great Britain and Canada. The first 250,000 doses will go to health workers.

After close contact with the Mexican Embassy and the University of Maastricht, our departure is postponed for April 6th. We will again conduct our on-site research, delivering the high standard results we do each year, while taking the precautionary measures needed with regard to Covid-19.

Slide "We have noticed high learning capabilities and communication skills which were extremely supportive to deliver high quality findings, relevant to the further development of our business.” T. Stikkers, Director Strategy and Marketing DSM Food Specialties Slide "The final presentation of the results, both in writing and as a presentation to Tata Steel, was above expectations." S. Vooijs, Director Operations Packaging Tata Steel Europe Slide "The team showed great perseverance and flexibility in arranging interviews with stakeholders to get the information needed to make their comprehensive report."  P. van Vrijberghe de Coningh, Managing Director Saab Technologies (Hong Kong) Ltd. Slide "Port of Rotterdam could very well use the results in practice for further discussions with its stakeholders in India.” E.J.S. van Espen, Program Manager International Projects Port of Rotterdam Slide “On behalf of Maastricht University and with pleasure I wholeheartedly support the students who participate in the Research Project Maastricht 2021.” Prof. dr. M. Paul, President Maastricht University


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KLM Research to identify opportunities to start commercial flights between Amsterdam and Vietnam. Douwe Egberts Research to propose a shortlist of full service partners meeting an agreed set of criteria and market research to identify its potential. Janssen-Fritsen Research to investigate the Brazilian gymnastic equipment market. A follow-up research in the market was done three years later. The two studies combined resulted in Janssen-Fritsen Gymnastics bevoming the main supplier of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Vopak Research on the palm oil industry in Pará, Brazil, which analyzed the current market and future developments in order to obtain an overview of the possibilities for Vopak with regard to the storage of this oil. Elcee Research to identify potential subcontractors of corrosion resisting steel fasteners on the Vietnamese market Boskalis Field research to gain insights into the regulatory requirements for the field of interest for Boskalis in Vietnam NEM Research to gain insight into the status and development of the geothermal industry in Indonesia. PSV Market research in China to recognize opportunities and strengths in order to determine a successful merchandise strategy a.hak Research on the possibilities to provide the Southeast Asian market with their services in the inspection of oil product pipelines.


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