RPM 2024 to Thailand and Vietnam!



This year’s team, existing of twelve students, is strongly motivated to meet the distinctive and particular requirements of Dutch businesses with international aspirations. We have been conducting in-depth study on Thailand and Vietnam for the past two months and after our first training from Kenneth Smit last week, the acquisition phase has officially started. Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in investigating potential for your company.

During this training given by Gé Seroo we acquired incredibly useful concepts for the acquisition phase. We were thought how to structure an acquisition call and how to deal with unexpectancies on the phone. We want to thank Gé for his helpful guidance and the fun and informative training!

Team departure is planned for the end of December 2023. Accordingly, from January to April 2024, the team is eager to investigate, explore and evaluate opportunities for your business in Thailand and Vietnam.

Data visualisation training at SeederDeBoer

Our team recently took the next step in the preparation for our research in Chile and Peru. SeederDeBoer invited us at their headquarters in Amsterdam for a data visualization training together with the board of UniPartners Maastricht. The training was amongst others provided by our alumnus Maurits van der Scheer. We focused on the selection of relevant data, the most effective visualization of this data, and techniques to highlight the most important message. Hence, we now have the tools to make clear recommendations based on our findings from our research in Chile and Peru.    

Afterwards, we were able to immediately put our new knowledge into practice by analysing a real data set and visualising our recommendations to our hypothetical client. 

In short, we look back at yet another insightful day and feel even more prepared for our work in Chile and Peru. Thank you Maurits, and everyone else at SeederDeBoer for a wonderful day in your beautiful office!

Consultative framework training at

Last Friday, our team had the pleasure to receive a training from SKIM decision behavior experts at their headquarters in Rotterdam. The training, which was provided by RPM alumni Joyce van Heeswijk (RPM2009) and Mayke Harkema (RPM2020), focused on the formulation of concrete business objectives into a research proposal with multiple research questions. Furthermore, we were taught to prepare the interviews for our field research in Chile and Peru and afterwards structure our findings into a professional consultancy report.

We would like to thank Joyce and Mayke for the great afternoon with valuable information and tips.

Visualisation training at ernst-young-ey-logo-png-transparent • Study Association Aureus

Our team recently received a visualisation training from EY consultants and RPM alumni Anouk Buskens, Bram Dijkman and Hidde Bobbink. We were welcomed at their office in Amsterdam and practiced to effectively and professionally structure our research proposals and final reports in PowerPoint. The new skills are already being implemented as our Logistics and Public Relations team is creating new proposal and report templates. We already look back at a great day. 

Thank you Anouk, Bram and Hidde for a fun session with great new insights! 

Sales training at

Two weeks ago our team traveled to Amsterdam for a sales training! We are delighted that we are able to travel safely again since government regulations protecting us from the pandemic have been lifted. 

The training was offered by Willem Wijnakker, member of the RPM2016 team and currently employed at Lepaya. Because of Willem’s familiarity with the project, he was able to provide us with valuable insights and tips on the acquisition process. Willem showed us the importance of prospecting, spending time on prospecting significantly increased our success-rate. Additionally, the training taught us how to build trust during a telephone conversation, which led to an increase in our overall confidence during a call. On behalf of the entire team I would like to thank Willem for his useful advice and hospitality!

Webinar Life Sciences & Health Industry Peru

Last month, our consultants attended a webinar on business opportunities for Dutch companies in the Peruvian Life Sciences & Health Industry. This online session focused on the results of a market study commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Peru. The webinar presented us with some valuable insights into the sectors of discussion:

  • The Peruvian healthcare market is expected to grow with an annual rate of 6%;
  • The Peruvian government plans to increase its healthcare spending as it prioritizes this sector in its national policies;
  • Peru has a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union, promoting easy business;
  • Several hospitals are planning to improve medical equipment in oncology;
  • The decentralization of Peruvian healthcare sectors requires new medical equipment and knowledge;
  • Many medical devices are imported. Currently, Germany has a significant market share;
  • Peru is shifting toward the digitalization of its healthcare system.

This webinar showed many opportunities for Dutch companies in the Life Sciences & Healthcare sector. Research Project Maastricht can help you identify what these chances and market developments mean for your company specifically. If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities in Chile or Peru, don’t hesitate to contact us!

RPM 2023 to Chile and Peru!

This year’s team, existing of twelve students, is extremely driven to meet the unique and specific demands of Dutch firms with global ambitions. After spending two months conducting extensive research on Chile and Peru, we are now starting our acquisition period! If you are interested in exploring opportunities for your business, please contact us and we will help you connect worlds.

Team departure is planned for the end of December 2022. Accordingly, from January to April 2023, the team is eager to investigate, explore and evaluate opportunities for your business in Chile and Peru.

Acquisition and call training by

During our preparation period, we welcomed Gé Seroo from Kenneth Smit in Maastricht for an acquisition and call training. The training taught us how to structure an acquisition call and how to deal with unexpectancies on the phone. The lessons learned are highly valuable in our acquisition period and now our team is ready to kick-off!

We want to thank Gé for his helpful guidance and the fun session!

Interview training at

On Friday, we received a training session from Alise and Rik about the do’s and don’ts of interviewing. The main takeaways are how to structure questions, where to look for answers, and most importantly, learning to properly prepare! Unfortunately, covid struck again and we were forced to organize the training online. However, on the upside, we have another great zoom-group pic. Thank you Rik and Alise for your insights!

RPM’s focuses on sustainable business

In light of the COP26, which is transpiring these two weeks we want to attribute our piece to the puzzle that is tackling climate change. With experts and partners, we are busy setting up research methodologies to help Dutch companies get a better understanding of the progress of their partners in our target countries.

In order to collect data on how Dutch business culture perceives the challenges facing us, want to ask you: What does sustainability mean to you?

This survey will help us create the knowledge of what drives you and your business, and will only take a few minutes.

Thank you!


Case study market entry

Last Friday, we were welcomed at the KPMG office in Amstelveen to examine a case study on market entry. The team learned different methods to structure problems and find answers in a step-by-step manner. ‘Keep it simple’, ’think before you act’, and ‘end in mind’ are principles we will not forget in our own research. Thanks, Ko de Wit and Jelle Jochems for the informative and fun session!

RPM and SDG Align for sustainability!

Sustainability is increasingly important from a business perspective. With the EU mandating sustainability reporting, it has become vital to assess and improves companies’ policy towards Sustainable Development Goals. At RPM, we want to discover what themes are most important to Dutch businesses, in order to provide tailored assessment and strategic development advice.

Therefore, Research Project Maastricht has partnered together with the award-winning tool of SDG Align to help companies assess their economic, societal and environmental impact. We want to ask you: What does sustainability mean to you?

This survey will help us create the knowledge of what drives you and your business, and will only take a few minutes.

Thank you!


Planning and reporting training at

Last Friday, the team was welcomed at EY Amsterdam by RPM alumni Tommie Linders and Robin Veenstra. The training consisted of how to structure and present our research proposals and advice concerning research strategies and techniques. The lessons learned are implemented and the team is ready to pursue the newfound opportunities.

We want to thank Tommie and Robin for their helpful guidance!


RPM 2022 to Eastern Europe!

The last few weeks have been extremely busy and challenging. Three weeks ago, together with our experts in Vietnam & The Philippines, we reached a tough decision. Due to the unfortunate covid-situation in both countries, the borders are currently closed. To make matters worse, there are little signs the situation is going to be better coming January. 

Because of this, we decided to find an alternative location that we were sure we could visit. The safest option therefore would be within Europe, and preferably, the EU. We looked at multiple regions within the EU and ultimately decided on the region with the highest growth potential; Eastern Europe! More specifically, we decided on six countries; Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. We are extremely excited to discover what Eastern Europe has in store for us, and will keep you posted on the developments!